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1 Kg Yeast With Enzyme Complex

1 Kg Yeast With Enzyme Complex

Product Details:


Product Description

Yeazyme Forte, is a unique combination of Rumen Specific Yeast & Enzymes to improve & sustain favourable ruminal microbial population & Ruminal Digestion.

Researches have demonstrated that supplementing ruminant diets with fiber degrading enzymes has significant potential in improving feed Digestibility & Bio-availability.

By the use of Fibrolytic / Cellulolytic Enzymes the animal performance enhances by better fiber digestion resulting in increased digestible energy intake.

Yeast acts as a source of Rumen micro organisms such as fibre-digesting cellulolytic bacterias. Yeast helps optimizing feed digestibility & increases Bio-availability of the neutients by nurturing the microbial population with in the rumen for the cattle Production & Reproduction.

Composition :

A proprietary blend of specifically cultivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae : Total viable count 10x10° C.F.U. per gram in combination with Cellulolytic Enzymes complex of Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Pectinase, Galactosidase, Ligninase, Mannase, Xylanase, Phytase produced from micro organisms by SSF Technology.

Benefits :


  • Better Fibre Digestion & Improves Dry Matter intake.
  • Stabilizes Rumen pH as low rumen pH decreases the growth of Ruminal bacteria.
  • Enhances Ruminal favourable microflora.
  • Increases cellulolytic enzymatic efficiency of Rumen microbes.
  • Feed specific enzymes breaks down NSPs in feed, ensuring more nutrient Bio-availability.
  • Reduces viscosity of the gut caused by NSPs thus improving intestinal absorption of nutrients.
  • Reduces ammonia levels.


Dosage :






  • 6-10 gms Per animal per day or 60-100 gms per 100 Kg of feed.
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