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100 gm Colcin-20 WS

100 gm Colcin-20 WS

Product Details:


Product Description

Composition - Each 100 gm contains :

Colistin Sulphate 20 gm equivalent to 60,00,00,000 I.U. Fortified with Vitamin B-Complex

Spectrum of Activity :

  • Exerts a high bactericidal activity on both multiplying and resting susceptible bacteria. Interacts strongly with phospholipids in bacterial cell membrane, penetrates into and radically disrupts its permeability & function.

Colcin 20 has a protective effect against the adverse effects of endotoxins, as it has high activity to bind and neutralize the endotoxins produced by toxigenic strains of E.coli & Salmonella spp.

Indications :

  • Prevention & treatment of gastrointestinal infections caused by or associated with bacteria sensitive to colistin in poultry (broilers including hen), rabbits and calves.
  • Highly effective against gram negative bacteria, which includes - Aerobactor, E.coli, Hemophillus spp., Shigella spp., Bordetella spp., Vibrio spp. & Paracolon bacteria.
  • In Chickens : colibacillosis, colisepticaemia, enterotoxicosis, salmonellosis, pullorosis, infectious coryza, klebseillosis, bortdetellosis, avian vibrionic hepatitis and pseudomonas infection.
  • In Calves : colienteritis, collisepticaemia, calf scour and secondary bacterial diarrhea after viral infections.

Dosage :

Preventive Inclusion :

  • 1 gm/ 50 kg body weight for 5- 7 days (equivalent to 4 mg of colistin sulphate/ kg b.w.)

Treatment Inclusion :

  • 1 gm // 30 kg body weight for 5- 7 days (equivalent to 6 mg of colistin sulphate/ kg b.w.)
    or As Directed by Consultant.

Packing :

  • 100 gm, 500 gm & 1 kg
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